Eswl Machine Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
Eswl Machine Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter




5)Legacy intelligent automatic positioning function interface can be upgraded to  automatically set the locate function(optional).

Operation system

1)Tableside control box can be two dimensional adjusted;

2)PLC and SCM control;  

3)LCD screen and working parameter display;

4)Shock wave energy continuous adjustable;

5)Shock wave discharge frequency: 40-90 times/ minute;

6)Trigger type: manual operate,continuous and ECG.

Locate system

1) Treatment bed longitudinal movement distance100mm;

2)Treatment bed lateral movement distance 100mm;

3)Shock waves source raise & down distance 100mm;

4)Location movement precision 1mm.  

Water cycle system

1)Automatic exhaust and water cycle;

2) Water constant temperature;

3)Alarm and protect device. 


Introduction: Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter is the most functional, best performance, structural optimization, the most beautiful appear, it is a low price and high performance lithotripter. This model is the first created "green shock wave source", more than ten inventions and utility model patents safety and minimally invasive, friendly environmental, efficiency and low consumption.

1. Using B-ultrasound locate, no radiation pollution and harm, directly target negative calculus.  

2. A creation in the world, "green shock wave source", using electromagnetic shock wave source, low energy, less pain, little damage, little noise, the average life more than 1 million times. Therapy cost nearly close to zero.

3. Shock wave source fixed outside the treatment bed, this is convenient for doctor operate the equipment.

4. Flexible multi-angle, large scope B-ultrasound locating system, measure distance, focal point distance and read directly, conveniently, accurately and stably.  

5. Treatment bed side control box, LCD screen.

6. Adopted PLC circuit, high reliability, convenience for maintain.   

7. Smash energy adjustable, select triggering frequency.   

8. Water cycle, automatic exhausting, thermostat device.  

9. Small volume, light weight, detachable main unit, professional transport wheels, convenient for install.

10. Main unit and treatment bed integrated design, without external electrical cable

11. Reserved intelligent automatic positioning function interface, can be upgraded to automatic target system (optional).


Application scope

1)Urinary system calculus;

2)Urologic surgery treatment bed.

Environmental conditions

1)Ambient temperature 15~35ºC;

2) Relative humidity 45~85%;

3)Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa;

4)Power requirements AC 220V  50/60±1Hz,  PW3.kW;

5)Water requirements: de-mineralized water,use level on more than 20L per week.

6)Space requirements: Room area 3m×3m×2.5.

Electromagnetic shock wave generator

1)Shock waves electrical parameters:

a)High-voltage discharge range: 12~20kV;

b)High-voltage discharge range:46-128J

c) The second focus shock wave pressure field parameters;

d) Plus front 0.5mS;

e) Plus width  1mS;

f) Focal zone 7.5×7.5×±40mm;

g) Shirking pressure 20-50MPa.

2)Shock waves mechanical parameters:

a) Penetration depth 130mm;

b)Shock wave generator angular variation around 40°.

Locate system

B-ultrasound locate system(optional B-ultrasound device):

1)Probe axis linear motion distance (motor-driven) 0-100mm;

2) Probe axis circular motion 360°;

3) Focus of electronic distance measuring range digital display directly;

4)Inaccuracy between locating and measuring distance all ≤±2mm;